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Concrete, the basic ingredient in our products is a construction material that consists of cement, aggregate (generally gravel and sand) and water.

Concrete solidifies and hardens after mixing and placement due to a chemical process known as hydration. The water reacts with the cement, which bonds the other components together, eventually creating a stone-like material.

Reinforced Cement Concrete Pipes (R.C.C. PIPES)

IS CODE: 458-1988

Reinforced Concrete Pipes are large diameter concrete pipes, used commonly in water supply distribution system like sewerage, drainage, culverts and other irrigational facilities involving low pressure water supply.

R.C.C. Pipes are manufactured through a very unique method of Centrifugal Casting. A permanent mould is rotated about its axis at high speed while an appropriate concrete mix is poured. The concrete is centrifugally thrown towards the inside mould wall which results in high quality concrete pipes.

Capacity as on date as per BIS License:

Socket and Spigot Type:

NP2 Class : 600mm, 1000mm and 1600mm
NP3 Class : 500mm upto and including 2200mm
NP4 Class : 1000mm upto and including 1800mm
P1 class: 350mm upto and including 2400mm
P2 class: 350mm utoand including 2400mm
Presently, the company is supplying to the government departments as well as turnkey contractors.